Computer Systems Analyst consultancy

My name is Mauro Inglese, Computer Systems Analyst and Technician. I work on Apple, Microsoft Windows and Linux systems with twenty years of professional experience.

Since 1997 I started to dedicate myself in information technology and technical advice for Apple Macintosh systems and all the various systems based on PC hardware and operating systems Microsoft Windows, Linux Ubuntu / Debian, both client and server workstations. All started with Commodore game consoles, then in the early 90′ I have got my first Mac, an Apple Macintosh II SE 30, with which I started the first experiences.

I like to call myself a “Craftsman Computer” rather than a “simple” computer technician, because of this passion that leads me to always look for new solutions and innovations for solving customer needs and even for my own curiosity.

I have worked with individuals, businesses and other professionals to solve computer problems such as data recovery, repair, configuration, updating, reinstallation PC and maintenance Server. I have:

  • installed network workstations, configured routers, firewalls and access points;
  • custom built computers, adapted to a particular cabinet (Hackintosh Modding, my own machine!);
  • created relational database in FileMaker Pro to better organize information;
  • given the possibility to people to control through their Smartphone videosuirvellance in their home or business;
  • made sure that companies could be found on the Internet by creating website with research, study and implementation of the Keyword SEO;
  • presented Information Technology and Open Source to secondary school children.

Try to contact me for any problems that may have with your computer, your daily working tool and / or your enjoyment!

Workshops and courses

Online course taught by Ninja Marketing related to SEO & SEM Strategy (February / March 2014): optimization of websites for proper indexing into search engines and Google AdWords advertising campaigns.

SEO & SEM Startegy Course

SEO & SEM Startegy Course

Participation in the seminar held by Mobotix AG related to “IP Video System” on April 2015 to account Livingtech Studio Associato.









Workshop “Arduino basic course“, held by Future Group Srl in Gallarate (VA) July 18, 2015, relating to the microcontroller Arduino UNO: characteristics, applications, IDE interface for Microchip programming and application examples.

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